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   Newsletter, Volumne 8, Issue 1, 2006


President's Column: Change Happens

Rob Heffer, Ph.D.

ADPTC is in a process of important changes that have emerged from developments within our organization and from influences in the profession. I trust that we can remain true to our core values and objectives, while morphing to have a broader impact on training psychologists than we have had in the past. Read more

Clinic Profile: University of Alaska Anchorage

Suzanne Womack Strisik, Ph.D.

The Psychological Services Center is like Alaska: a lot of territory is essentially covered by a handful of people. Challenges include finding good referral sources, being relevant and helpful to culturally complex clients, integrating research activities into daily operations, and keeping the center and its equipment from falling apart. Read more

"It Works for Me": Advice and Tips for Teaching/Supervision of the Practicum Trainee

Steve Lisman, Ph.D.

The inaugural column of advice and tips on various aspects of practicum training from a clinic director with 30 years of experience, including a book review of Introduction to Psychotherapy: Common Clinical Wisdom. Read more

The Briar Patch: Thorny Challenges for Directors

Vic Pantesco, Ph.D.

Nibbling is no small matter in the Director's array of challenges. In the scheme of things they are small, but as annoying as a paper cut these nibbles jab and add up. Read more

Minutes of Business Meeting Santa Barbara

Treasurer's report, committee activities and discussion about next year's meeting. Read more

Midyear Meeting - Presentations and Photos

Presentations by keynote speakers Nadine Kaslow and Emil Rodolfa, as well as ADPTC presenters can be found at Presentations include:

Carolyn A. Karr - Providing Assessment Services in Training Clinics

Erica Wise - Ethical Issues in Training Clinics

Victor Pantesco and Kim Fuller - Difficult Confrontations

Victor Pantesco - Bibliography for Difficult Confrontations

Emil Rodolfa - Competency Cube and Lifetime Competency Assessment

Nadine Kaslow - Competency Assessment
Read more

ADPTC at APA in New Orleans August, 2006

ADPTC is trying a new format for meeting at APA. Rather than a pre-conference workshop, we will have symposia and a social hour with a brief business meeting. Three symposia have been accepted for presentation! Read more

Collaboration and Liaison Committee Report

Lee Cooper, Ph.D.

Part of ADPTC's mission is to interface with related professional organizations to enhance pre-internship practicum training and the profession of psychology. Moreover, we want to represent the views of psychology training clinic directors regarding pre-doctoral practicum training and professional psychology to policy making/influencing organizations. Intertwined with this mission is the fact that representation and active participation in these organizations provides ADPTC with broader recognition, professional legitimacy, and fruitful collaborations that serve to improve our effectiveness and status as training clinic directors. Read more

ADPTC Member Survey

What is a training clinic's typical annual budget in regards to salary and wages?

Is a percentage of the director of clinical training's salary paid by the clinic? And what about director's salaries??? Click here for highlights of the ADPTC's survey of clinic directors. Read more

Diversity Survey

Sonia Banks, Ph.D.

The Diversity Committee has created a questionnaire aimed at uncovering how diversity is defined and incorporated in training clinics. The survey will be launched during the summer and fall with plans to have all the data collected and analyzed before the next midyear meeting. Read more

Volumne 8, Issue 1 

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