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   Newsletter, volume 10, Issue 1, 2008

President's Column

Erica Wise, Ph.D.

Erica gives us the prez-eye-view of developments and highlights for the organization and San Antonio in particular. She does leave out, however, her own exploits in Texas. You will have to contact Erica privately for that story. Read more

The Briar Patch: Thorny “Minor” Challenges for Directors

"But they got MORE!"

Vic Pantesco, Ph.D.

Ever feel like you are the parent in a large family in the clinic? This might sound familiar - and provide some relief. Read more

Executive Committee Minutes: January 2008

Treasurer’s report, committee activities and discussion about next year’s meeting. Minutes and pictures. Read more

Liaison Report: Educational Advocacy Trust

Cynthia Belar speaks about how important it is to recruit “champions” in Congress for the work we do. Those difficult efforts have yielded GPE grants, including psychologists in the National Health Service Corps, and increased funding for campus mental health services. Can we afford not to be active? Read more

Virginia Tech: Reflections as a Director of a Psychology Training Clinic on the shooting tragedy at Virginia Tech

Lee Cooper

Lee takes us to the place we all fear, and conveys the heart and mind of the professional psychologist amidst that storm. We read, with sadness and gratitude for Lee and those who hold the others. Read more

Ethics and Risk Management: Suicide Risk Assessment

Robin Weill, Ph.D.

Looking for a teachable, effective model for discerning and intervening in suicide risk? Check out the University of Houston Psychology Research and Treatment Centers’ Decision and action tree. Read more

Research in the Training Clinic

Jennifer Callahan, Ph.D., ABPP, examines the high drop-out rate of clients at a psychology training clinic, and presents implications for improvement. Read more

Technology Update: Webcams

Jason Kutchma, Clinic Manager
Hugh D. Meriwether, Information Technology
Erica H. Wise, Ph.D., Clinic Director
UNC Department of Psychology

Get in on the “buzz” of forward looking and practical advice about the next tiers of recording and supervision technology. Read more

Diversity: Persons with Disabilities

Randall J. Cox, Ph.D.

Randy, in his now familiar combination of style and depth, makes the case for disability sensitivity and expertise as a trained and evaluated competence. Read more

ADPTC Website

The current website is in the process of transitioning to a new site, with the big "reveal" expected in the near future. In the interim, slides, articles, etc. are being held for posting when the new site is ready.

Directors in San Antonio having WAY too much fun.

Let your imaginations run on this picture of Phyllis and Erica in the famous bathroom in San Antonio. Can you find Waldo? (Hint: look at reflection in the mirror)

volume 10, Issue 1 

President's Column
The Briar Patch
Liaison Report
Virginia Tech
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