April 2011



Editor:  Phyllis Terry Friedman

Associate Editors:  Leticia Flores, Don Morgan, Vic Pantesco

Web Master:  Michael Taylor


President’s Column 

Eric Sauer, Ph.D.

We get treated again to now recognizable Eric-sonian insight and the contagious energy he has for our organization - its history, meetings, people, and future.


Book Review: Freedom by Jonathon Franzen

Leticia Flores

Freedom is a myth and Winnicott du jour.  How can you pass this review up?


Midyear Meeting:  New Orleans—March 12, 2011


Don Morgan, Psy.D.

What we did, where we are, where we want to go.  Palm Springs?


The Briar Patch:  Thorny “Minor” Challenges for Directors

New Love, And Old Love In the Clinic

Vic Pantesco, Ph.D.

When “love is in the air” everybody in the clinic breathes it.  If you have had budding or collapsing significant student clinician relationships at your clinic, you might recognize some familiar things here.  If you have yet to experience this, might be useful to check this out.


Little Reviews of Cool Stuff

Don Morgan, Psy.D.

Don Morgan has uncovered how to make BEST cup of coffee.  See the result of his research!