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   Newsletter, volume 9, Issue 1, 2007

Presidensd Column:

Playing to Where the Puck is Going to Be

Rob Heffer, Ph.D.

Rob nicely profiles how our organization has gotten into "the game." But, it hasn't been through subservience or begging. Our national voice and presence are being invited into the larger discourses currently shaping the field of psychology training. In a few instances we have not only been reacting to the puck but actually the ones putting it in play. Rob also tells us how this architecture of involvement is taking more defined shape now and in the immediate future. Strap on your skates. Read more

Clinic Profile: University of Montana


Jennifer S. Robohm, Ph.D.

Jennifer tells of her journey as a Director, with reflections about expectations, growth, professionalism, and nuts-and-bolts. "In my capacity as Director, I really emphasize documentation, record-keeping, fee-setting, and collections, risk management, and other 'non-sexy' (but nonetheless critical) parts of student training. I like to think I'm helping to prepare my students for the 'real' world after graduate school..." Read more

The Briar Patch: Thorny Challenges for Directors

Vic Pantesco, Ph.D.

The university-based clinic has a wall around it. That wall separates the clinic from the department and the community of clients and general population. As for other “thorns” described in this column, this wall is often taken for granted or ignored until there is a bump getting our attention. If the wall – to torture the metaphor a bit more – is in disrepair, marginalized, ignored, or breached with or without aforethought there can be some nasty fallout. Read more

Liaison Report: APA's Board of Educational Affairs

Cathi Grus, Ph.D

Each newsletter issue will now contain an article about a group that ADPTC is interfacing with. In this issue Cathi Grus, Ph.D., from APA's Board of Education Affairs (BEA) discusses Assessment of Competency Benchmarks Workgroup, a group created by BEA with advisement by the Council of Chairs of Training Councils in 2005. Read more

Minutes of Business Meeting: San Diego April 2007

Treasurer's report, committee activities and discussion about next year's meeting. Read more


Midyear Meeting: San Diego April 2007

ADPTC held an overlapping meeting with APPIC which included shared presentations and an opportunity for the Executive Committee/Board to talk informally. Thumbnails of presentation by ADPTC, Russ Newman (APA) and Frank Collins (CUCDP), as well as ethical dilemmas (challenge yourself) are here. Read more

Notes and resources from the meeting have been posted on our website

ADPTC at APA: San Francisco August 17-20, 2007

Symposia, social hour and more. . .

Midyear Meeting: San Antonio Jan 17-20, 2008

This will be a shared meeting with CUDCP where we can discuss practicum training, and enjoy sites such as the Buckhorn Saloon & Museum:
Buckhorn Saloon & Museum
Discover more than 120 years of history.... Texas style. Marvel at two stories of the most exotic collections you've ever seen, from our unique horn collection, to cowboy memorabilia and fish from the Seven Seas. See a two headed calf and a lamb with eight legs! Test your hand in our authentic shooting gallery and arcade. Don't miss the world's only Wax Museum of Texas History. And, don't forget to swing by the Buckhorn Curio Store, where you'll find extraordinary Texas collectibles and authentic Buckhorn souvenirs for the entire family. Located a short two blocks from the Alamo and 50 feet from the River Walk.

volume 9, Issue 1 

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