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   Newsletter, Volumne 8, Issue 2, 2006

President's Column: "Excellence and Enjoyment"

Rob Heffer, Ph.D.

Rob Heffer talks of these two as watchwords for ADPTC, and highlights the upcoming national Spring meeting in San Diego. He also highlights the ADPTC Administrative Guidelines for Training Clinics. Read more

"It Works for Me": Advice and Tips for Teaching/Supervision of the Practicum Trainee

Steve Lisman, Ph.D.

If you have questions about the worth of doing supervision and how that compares to “academic” work, check out Steve’s article about this parity snarl. Read more

Touch in Psychotherapy

Kim Fuller, Ph.D.

To touch or not to touch? Kim Fuller presents very useful information on questions, thinking, and action regarding this dimension of training and practice. It arises often, and there are ethical factors of course. Read more

The Briar Patch: Thorny Challenges for Directors

Vic Pantesco, Ph.D.

“No one ever told me this before!” This is often encountered when the Director must confront a student whose experience so far apparently had been trouble-free. Addressing students whose problems had been either ignored or undetected is thorny indeed. Read more

Minutes of Business Meeting – New Orleans August 2006

You will find information about decisions and projections for ADPTC, including: Awards; the New Listserv site; sharing meeting and initiatives with other organizations such as CCTC; and more Read more

Report on ADPTC at the APA Competencies Benchmarks Workgroup

Bob Hatcher, Ph.D. and Kim Lassiter, Ph.D.

Bob and Kim report on an intensive two-day effort by a national brain trust of APA’s leaders in training and education, in which Bob offers that it “was a highpoint for ADPTC participation in APA affairs.” Read more

Midyear Meeting - Presentations and Photos

• Brian Lewis chaired “Best Practices for Competent Supervision in Practicum.” Judy Hyde, Kim Lassiter, and Vic Pantesco joined Brian, and Linda Forrest was the discussant.

• Erica Wise chaired “Training for Ethical and Multicultural Competencies in the Practicum.” Sonia Banks and Tony Cellucci were on the panel, and Rob Heffer was discussant.

• Eric Sauer chaired “Incorporating Research and Systematic Data Collection in the Practicum.” Terry Pace, Bonny Forrest, Bobbie Volmer were presenters, and Phyllis Terry Friedman was the discussant.

Read more

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Volumne 8, Issue 2 

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Touch in Psychotherapy
The Briar Patch
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