November 2011


          Editor:  Phyllis Terry Friedman

          Associate Editors:  Leticia Flores, Don Morgan, Vic Pantesco

          Web Master:  Michael Taylor



President’s Column 

Eric Sauer, Ph.D.
Eric bids us farewell - as president, that is.  In his Eric-sonian style, he talks about APTC’s growth, our matured, respected voice at the national level, and the enduring qualities that make the organization work. 

Podcast Review:  Marc Maron’s WTF  
Leticia Flores
WTF does NOT mean, “Why, that’s funny!”  But, it is.  Check out Lettie’s most favorable and textured review of Marc Maron’s material, and especially her favorite interviews.  Complete with a clickable link.   
APTC on Facebook
Phyllis Terry Friedman, Ph.D. 
Another way to keep up with APTC friends (Hum Carole King’s song as your read). 
The Briar Patch:  Thorny Challenges for Directors
“Few Rules, But—”
Vic Pantesco, Ph.D.
 As moms, dads, siblings (uh oh), bosses, mentors, cajolers, enforcers… there are a few “rules” that can help us navigate the variable seas of clinic directing. 
APTC Elections:  Candidate Statements
It’s all here.  Read about the hopes and views of our slate of candidates.
APTC Conference:  Healthy Directors-Healthy Clinics
March 8-11, 2012 in San Diego
Our conferences are highly rated by members as packed with information and very friendly.  Get advice from 50+ other directors just like you.
Reconceptualizing the Internship Shortage
For a fresh view of a seemingly intractable problem, see the Abstract of the TEPP article by our own Bob Hatcher.
APTC at APA:  Members’ Presentations at the 2011 Convention
See what we’re up to!
Clinic Renovations 2011:  The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
A picture is worth a thousand words. . .