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November 2012



Editor:  Phyllis Terry Friedman

Associate Editors:  Leticia Flores, Don Morgan, Vic Pantesco

Web Master:  Michael Taylor


President’s Column
Colleen Byrne, Ph.D.
Colleen tells us of her experience on the Maryland Ethics committee and how APTC has been obvious in its imprint on her mind and her impact in this realm.  And, she gives us tantalizing promos of what the national meeting in late Februay-early March features.
The Briar Patch:  Thorny Challenges for Directors
“Policy Fatigue” and Common Sense
Vic Pantesco, Ph.D.
The title pretty much tells it.  Reaching saturation points with policies but unable to get by without them? 
Liaison Report: Association of Counseling Center Training Agencies
Tony Celucci
Though compact, Tony’s report from ACCTA as our APTC rep is full of the highlights and initiatives within the field.  What he doesn’t tell us is whether he sang the song solo!
Living An Imbalanced Life
Lee Cooper, Ph.D.
Thank you Lee for giving us a picture we all—overtly or covertly—recognize, and celebrate your voice.  We really do live most of life on Plan B (or C, or D, or…).  We welcome you “back” con brio!
Using Telepsychology in a Training Clinic
Mary Alice Conroy
Are you really ready for this?  Mary Alice reports on some key elements,- from what to do or think about with equipment failure intrasession, to considering interjurisdictional matters (across state lines).
How Clinics Fared with Sandy
Short but poignant reports from our friends and colleagues in storm-hit locales and clinics.
Reader Review:  50 Shades
Reviewed by Leticia Flores, Ph.D.
Lettie sheds light and the Grey and the Darker.  Come into the light. But not just for ourselves.  Some things and questions that enrich our work too.
APTC Annual Meeting
February  28– March 3, 2013 in Coconut Grove, FL
Think sun, intellectual stimulation, social ease and enrichment, hob-nobbing with the stars of the training clinic world. 
Mystery Picture
Well, you can be sure it wasn’t taken in Brooklyn. . .