November 2013



Phyllis Terry Friedman

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President’s Column
Colleen Byrne, Ph.D.
Attending the Annual Meeting is about more than CEs and tropical locale. You will take home practical tools that have meaningful impact in your own clinic.

APTC Annual Meeting:  San Juan, Puerto Rico
Caribe Hilton Hotel  Feb 27-Mar 2, 2014
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Nadine Kaslow, APA President-Elect

Liaison Reports: ACCTA, BEA, CCTC
Hear about current issues, including internship imbalance, being grappled with by other education and training groups.

Well-Designed Web Sites
Some ideas from directors who responded to the listserv email call for “Web sites we are proud of.”

Erica Wise Honored by APA
Erica Wise is honored for her many years of experience, consulting, and training others in ethics and social justice.

Reader Review: The Best Little Boy in the World
By John Reid (aka Andrew Tobias)

Reviewed by Leticia Flores, Ph.D.
A memoir about growing up gay in the 70s that provides an invaluable tool for helping understand LGBT issues.

Member’s Research:

Emotional Intelligence and Psychotherapy Outcomes in the
Training Clinic
Troy Rieck and Jennifer L. Callahan
Abstract of a study looking at the interaction between EI and neuroticism in producing client change, with implications for training, practice, and future research are identified.