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   Newsletter, volume 9, Issue 2, 2007

President's Column:

Erica Wise, Ph.D.

Erica speaks to the challenges of ADPTC's growth on the national scene while consolidating the work of individual clinic directors. Read more

Clinic Profile: The Counseling & Assessment Clinic

TEXAS A&M University-College Station

Bill Rae, Ph.D.

Read about Bill's unique, comprehensive, and interesting clinic. From the fee scales, to salaries, to combinations of programs, you get flavor and detail. And, reflections on fulfillment in training motivated young aspiring psychologists. Read more

The Briar Patch: Thorny Challenges for Directors

"Bucking the Culture"

Vic Pantesco, Ph.D.

Sometimes the clinic director swims upstream in the culture of the department or university. Two keys: detect the dynamic early, and don't go it alone. Read more

Executive Committee Minutes: October 2007

Treasurer's report, committee activities and discussion about next year's meeting. Read more

ADPTC at APA: San Francisco August 17-20, 2007

Symposium: A Social Justice Agenda for Practicum Training in Training Clinics

Chair: Brian L. Lewis, Ph.D.

Brian organized and facilitated a symposium on social justice interventions by the clinic. Five clinic directors joined him in presenting their innovative programs making this dimension a core focus within practicum training: Career Counseling; Low-fee Psychological Assessments; Forensics Training targeting community underserved population needs; Creating Positive Change in Low SES Latino Families; and Serving the Urban Community. Read more

Midyear Meeting: San Antonio Jan 17-20, 2008

How can you pass up a joint meeting with our national partners and the hospitality provided by our Texas hosts? If you are already planning, check the menu! And if you are considering, check the menu! If you definitely cannot make it, we can arrange take-out in a future newsletter summarizing the meeting and featuring links to presentations. You can also enjoy sites such as the Buckhorn Saloon & Museum and Barney Smith's Toilet Seat Museum. (Yes, it's legit. And free!) Read more

Educational Leadership Conference (2007)

Tony Cellucci

Tony attended the APA Educational Leadership Conference in Washington, DC as ADPTC's representative. The theme for the conference was "Sharing Psychology: Its Role in Education for Other Professions". Participants discussed how education and research efforts to solve real problems frequently cut across disciples. Read more

CCTC Practicum Workgroup

Bob Hatcher

The CCTC (Council of Chairs of Training Councils) chaired by Bob Hatcher has produced two practicum-related documents. The first document is a definition of practicum and the second is a set of administrative recommendations for graduate programs in relation to practica. Read more

volume 9, Issue 2 

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