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                             APTC NEWSLETTER    

                                           November 2010



Editor:  Phyllis Terry Friedman

Associate Editors:  Leticia Flores, Don Morgan, Vic Pantesco

Web Master:  Michael Taylor


President’s Column 

Eric Sauer, Ph.D.

Reflecting on the rich past of Orlando, and then envisioning our gathering in New Orleans in March, Eric waxes presidential in that wisdom and exhortation.


Movie ReviewThe Dragon-Tattooed Girl Who Played with America’s Ideas about Gender and Sexual Identity

Leticia Flores

If you haven’t read the books or seen the movies, don’t do it.  You can’t afford to spend the time, emotional energy, fascination, intrigue, raw celebration of freedom, expression, and right over evil,… that they demand.

And how can the imminent American versions of the movies possibly replicate Lisbeth?  Leticia helps set the hook she reports.


Consultation:  Clinica Viktor Frankl

Universidad Francisco Marroquin

Phyllis Terry Friedman, Ph.D.

Part II in a series about consultation at the Clinica Victor Frankl in Guatemala City, Guatemala.  Part I described the clinic and the educational model used to train psychologists.  Part II discusses the consultation experience.  And I barely speak Spanish. 


Technology Corner:  Tracking Client Outcome

Corey Fagan, Ph.D.

New software developed by the University of Washington gives another option for tracking client outcome.


The Briar PatchThorny “Minor” Challenges for Directors


Vic Pantesco, Ph.D.

Urgent!  Private!  Read now or else!  Some thoughts on coping and the shifting paradigm of email manners, or not.


Diversity, Ethics and Training:

The Case of Leo: Conflict Between Student and Program Values

Prudence Cuper, M.A., and Erica H. Wise, Ph.D.

Ever had a student who visibly enacted a belief or prejudice against a certain population or group?  Read about thinking, policy, and behavior that can help directors navigate this one.


Little Reviews of Cool Stuff

Don Morgan, Psy.D.

If you like movies at home, you must read about Roku.  Don has the scoop.  But  if you think that is cool, get ready for Hulu Plus (shhhhhhhhhhhh – it’s coming soon to Roku). 


Liaison Report: Council of Chairs of Training Councils

October 2010

Bob Hatcher, APTC Representative

Psychology as a STEM discipline, internship imbalance, Master’s level psychologists. . . these are some of the issues addressed by a consortium of training bodies. 


Welcome New Members!

See who they are and what they want!





                            Midyear Meeting:  N’Awlins *

                                                           March 10-13, 2011



                                                                                 *that’s New Orleans