(see Bobbi Vollmer's column). Once again, I would like to thank Bobbi for all of her hard work in organizing this meeting.

Bylaws Review

The revision of our Bylaws is long overdue--the last revision was written in 1981, and it is clear that a number of inconsistencies exist between our articulated and actual procedures. Rob Heffer led the discussion at the Mid-Winter Meeting and wrote a draft revision of the Bylaws. The draft is included in this newsletter for your review and will be voted on at our Business Meeting in August. If you will not be able to attend this meeting but have comments or concerns about the new Bylaws, please address them to either Rob or me .

One aspect of our operating procedures that  requires particular attention concerns the composition of the Executive Committee and the election process. We currently have a fairly large and informal Executive Committee and have not held general elections for some time. Although everyone felt retaining as much informality and open participation as possible was important, most agreed that, given our new agenda, a "leaner and meaner" Executive Committee would make communication and decision making more efficient. Since we do not want to lose the active involvement and sage direction of Directors who have been so important to ADPTC over the years, we are  proposing a new entity called the "Advisory Board."  This Board will advise the Executive Committee and encourage ongoing involvement in the activities of the Association. This, too, will be discussed and voted on at the Business Meeting.

Proposed Dues Increase

Membership dues for ADPTC have always been very inexpensive, and we plan to keep them that way.  To be effective in accomplishing our expanded mission, however, a dues increase will be necessary. We are currently being asked to become more involved in a number of important discussions related to professional education and training (e.g., regarding the challenges of providing model practicum-level training). This requires representation on APA sponsored committees (e.g., CCTC) and liaisons with other professional organizations. Although some of these activities are subsidized by APA, others are not. ADPTC needs to have some financial reserves available to support (sometimes on short notice) strategically important activities. The additional funds are also needed to expand our

President's Column
Brian Lewis blewis@antiochne.edu

This is my final Newsletter contribution as ADPTC President. I will complete my 2-year stint in August, when the reins will be given over to the very capable hands of Bob Hatcher. I have really enjoyed being involved in the Association in this capacity.  It has been a wonderful opportunity to get to know many of you, to work closely with a highly committed and experienced Executive Committee, and to become involved in some broad professional discussions (e.g., pertaining to education and public policy) through representation to CCTC (the Council of Chairs of Training Councils). Although I am stepping down, as President, I am looking forward to continuing on the Executive Committee for the next two years in my new role as Past President.

Mid-Winter Meeting

This has been a very active year for ADPTC. At our annual Business Meeting in San Francisco last August, we decided that ADPTC should pursue a new, somewhat more "activist" agenda. General agreement emerged that we should begin the process of reorganizing our Association to be more effective in pursuing this agenda. The first step was to form a working group of Clinic Directors to attend a mid-winter meeting. ADPTC has held mid-winter meetings in the past, but not recently. The Mid-Winter Meeting was held in Chicago March 5th-6th.  We were fortunate to have 11 members in attendance: Tony Cellucci (Idaho State University), Lee Cooper (Virginia Tech), Mary Alice Conroy (Sam  Houston State University), John Flora-Tostado (Loma Linda), Phyllis Terry Friedman (St. Louis University), Bob Hatcher (University of Michigan), Rob Heffer (Texas A&M), Brian Lewis (Antioch New England Graduate School), Jean Spruill (University of Alabama), Bobbi Vollmer (University of Denver), and Carol Yoken (Northern Illinois University).

This was an extremely productive meeting. Tony Cellucci did a wonderful job as the recorder for the meeting, and I'm sure he would be happy to send you a copy of the minutes upon request. By the end of Saturday the working group was able to: (a) articulate a clearer statement of our mission; (b) review and redraft the ADPTC Bylaws; (c) discuss new initiatives including guidelines for "Standards of Training" (see Bob Hatcher's column) and a "Resource Library" (see Lee Cooper's column); and (d) develop a plan for our Pre-APA Workshop this August

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