April 2013


   Editor:  Phyllis Terry Friedman

   Associate Editors:  Leticia Flores, Don Morgan, Vic Pantesco

   Web Master:  Michael Taylor


President’s Column 

Colleen Byrne, Ph.D.

Colleen reflects on good colleagues and the annual meeting.

The Briar Patch: Thorny Challenges for Directors

Functionally Dysfunctional: Where’s the Payoff?

Vic Pantesco, Ph.D.

Instead of blaming the “cohort,” Vic gets creative in responding to incomplete paperwork. 

APTC Business Meeting Minutes

March 2, 2013,  Coconut Grove, FL

Prepared by Karen Saules, Ph.D.

What we talked about plus photo journalism courtesy of Bob Hatcher.

Clinic Director: Lourdes Patricia Corado Aguilar

Clinica Viktor Frankl, Universidad Francisco Marroquin

Guatemala City, Guatemala

Meet our newest international colleague, Lourdes Corado and read about her impressions and experiences in attending the annual meeting, including the “strange sensation of being understood.” 


Who's In The Fold?

APTC's Presence in Accredited Clinical and Counseling Programs

Bob Hatcher, Ph.D. & Lauren Gardner

Bob and Lauren surveyed programs to find out who had training clinics, which ones are APTC members, and more.  


Reader Review: Enlightened

Reviewed by Leticia Flores, Ph.D.

Leticia examines “Enlightened,” frustrating, uncomfortable, funny, sad, and brilliant series on HBO that lets us into the lives of our clients. 

2014 Annual Meeting in Puerto Rico

Check out the spa/hotel!


Little Reviews of Cool Stuff                                                    

Don Morgan, Psy.D.

“Stitch” together your own radio stations!

Mystery Picture: Guess That Clinic Director!

You can learn SO much from somebody’s Facebook page.