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St. Louis, MO



Mid-year Meeting: St. Louis

The Program


APA Accreditation & The Clinic - Holiday Rondeau & Rob Heffer

Both Texas A&M and Regent’s University just went through a site visit.

On EthicsDr. Michael Ross, DCT, Saint Louis University

CISD - Melinda Henderson

"Critical Incident Stress Debriefing" techniques -- used to assist with stress management following a traumatic incident (e.g., Sept. 11th).  They are somewhat controversial and appear to be a hot button issue right now for obvious reasons. 

Forensic Work at Clinics Mary Alice Conroy, Sam Houston State University

The advantages (e.g., lucrative financially, excellent training in skills currently in demand) and disadvantages (e.g., supervision intensity, high profile work, legal entanglements, levels of expertise required) of doing forensic work through a training clinic and how to establish such business if one wishes to do so.

Report on Educational Leadership ConferencePhyllis Terry Friedman & Lee Cooper

Strategic Planning:  Where Do We Want ADPTC To Go? -- Phyllis Terry Friedman & Lee Cooper

The BookMary Alice Conroy (Sam Houston State University) & Vic Pantesco (Antioch New England Graduate School)

ADPTC is writing a book!  The editors plan to present a more fleshed out idea of the proposed book and discuss the prospectus.


What You Need to Know

When:   We’ll start at 1:00 on Friday March 15 and end the formal meeting at 5:00 on Saturday.  For those staying over Saturday night there will be informal networking, time for tourist activities (see What To Do  below), and we’ll have brunch on Sunday.

Where:  The Hyatt Hotel at Union Station.  For reservations, call 800-233-1234 and tell them you’re with ADPTC.  (Since we’re responsible for a minimum number of rooms, be sure and tell them you’re with ADPTC.)

   Union Station is a renovated  railroad station with shops and a great food court.

Weather:  As Mark Twain said, if you don’t like the weather, just wait a while.  Normally St. Louis has temperatures between 50-60 degrees in March and April, but it’s unpredictable.  I’ll email the listserv the week before to let you know what they are predicting (but that’s still no guarantee!)

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